MMJ 221: Reporting I

Students in the College Now journalism class, MMJ 221, learned how to be reporters by investigating and writing their own news articles over the course of the semester. Using access to public documents, first hand observation and interviews with strangers, they reported on stories of social significance in their home neighborhoods. Students developed critical thinking skills, learned to problem solve when faced with unresponsive and difficult to reach sources, examined various sides of the issues they were reporting and wrote engaging, informative articles. At the beginning of class each day students read The New York Times to dissect story structure and assess how the reporters gathered information.They read about and discussed journalism practice and ethics and reported on a press conference in which Norwood City Councilman Andy Cohen announced new funding for a the Williamsbridge Oval Park. The editor of CityLimits came to class to present a seminar on public records and investigative reporting, the editor of the Norwood News visited to talk about community journalism. To see journalists at work, students visited WNYC New York Public Radio and were part of an editorial meeting with staff of the Brian Lehrer Show and spent more than an hour with The New York Times reporter whose investigation into brutality at Rikers Island they had studied.

Instructor: Eileen Markey
Teaching Assistant: Dominick Gregory