MMS 224: Fundaments of Editing

Every person can testify that life's journey is inevitable. Some people may be privileged and some people may not. Regardless of such circumstances, our success is pillared on how best we manage problems and utilize our resources and opportunities. As a teenager, I must say the story of my life is yet to be written, nevertheless, I will share a piece of my maturing journey through life. I am a high school student, and as such I do my very best to fulfill all academic requirements because I see this as an opportunity to better a few aspects of my life. However, I have always believed that, in spite of differences and individualities, my destiny is intertwined to others, and that the only way to forge a better tomorrow is through respect and tolerance. Edmund Ashiagbor

My name is Sean Ray Berrios. My middle name is my father's first name, that's how I got it. I have 5 siblings, which are my two younger twin sisters, two older sisters and my older brother. Most of my life I was involved in sports more than anything else, even school. I was born in New York and lived here for 11 years until I went to West Virginia for two years to attend school with my cousin and live in a different environment to focus more on school. I came back with my family in New York after those two years. Now I live with my mother and four sisters in the Bronx. My favorite subject is science and I average a 85 GPA throughout my 9th and 10th grade year. I still play sports as a way to stay out of trouble while maintaining good grades in school. Sean Berrios

In 1997, the most awesome person (me) was born in Brooklyn, New York. At two months of age my mom and I went to the Dominican Republic to be with my father and my two half brothers. It was an exciting and free childhood upbringing for me during my stay in the Dominican Republic. My time there shaped me and humbled me for the rest of my life. When I was very young my parents split due to the unavoidable *#^K-ups that us humans commit. After their separation my mom decided to move to Florida and make her life there. After moving a couple of more times after that, somehow we made it back to New York. Here I've been exposed to a broad-spectrum of things. With all those experiences I found myself, and my love for Film… It's the one thing in my life that hasn't been temporary. Aldenys Bido