ART 112: Introduction to Digital Imaging

Amanda Catolog Christian Catolog Clay Catolog Jalen Catolog

Art 112 is an intensive fundamentals course with the goal of familiarizing the students to the process of digital imaging. In today’s modern world, we are consistently barraged with visual imagery on a daily basis. We will look at the history and process of Graphic Design and the impact of digital imaging on society while learning to distinguish successful design using important principles: typography, color, composition/layout. By tackling two of the most powerful digital environments, Photoshop and the Web, the students will apply the principles they have learned to create their own work in industry standard programs InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. The students will gain confidence through individual design assignments and the final group project - the creation and construction of a program-encompassing website.

Instructor: Christine Mariani
Teaching Assistant: Janine Carla Ramos