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Khirlu V. Burton Former Field Production Coordinator at Bronxnet Television, Khirlu V. Burton played an intricate role in organizing, planning, and coordinating all of Bronxnet's field productions. He also trained and supervised interns and staff in the Creative Services Departmen Khirlu started his career in television as writer but quickly mastered the art of producing, directing, shooting and editing. In 2012 he won a Telly Award for a TV special highlighting the failures of NYC Public Education System. Mr. Burton has worked with companies such as, Major League Soccer (MLS Digital), NYC Small Business Services, Riverdale Children's Theatre, among many others.


Emmanuel Garrett Grant is a Brooklyn NY based documentary film-maker and music photojournalist. This Lehman College alum has previously worked with the Multimedia Center and neighboring BronxNet Community Television. He has volunteered numerous hours to aid production duties for the Journalism, Communication & Theatre department here at Lehman. As a freelance videographer and video editor, he has a great eye for content. As a producer, his unique approach to production is constantly evolving to meet his clients needs. His experience has grown over the years to aid others in learning the basic areas of multimedia production. Some of his training techniques include: video editing, camera operation, field sound recording and post production workflows. This is his second year working with the students in the MMJ 215 Audiovisual Production course.


Hello, my name is Devin Douglas. I am seventeen years old, and this fall I'll be a senior in high school. Currently, I attend Eximius College Preparatory Academy in the Bronx (Fun Fact: Eximius means "Excellent" in Latin). In my sparetime I like to watch movies, read comic books, listen to music, and make stand-up comedy bits. Despite my interest in making people laugh on stage, I actually want to become a screenwriter for television. However, it doesn't stop there. In addition to being a screenwriter, I also want to be a stand-up comedian, and eventually have my own radio show (people always said that I had the face for it). Once I finish doing that, I'd like to settle down and be a teacher. I signed up for the College Now class, MMJ 215, because I finally had the chance to pick up where I left off in Texas. Don't worry, no typo, you read that correctly. Prior to attending school in New York, I attended high school in Texas during my freshman and sophomore years. Because of this class, I am now able to get the rust off my chain before I graduate, and I'll have credits as a plus.


My name is Luz Garcia. I am 15-years-old. I attend the High School for Contemporary Arts in the Evander Childs Campus. I am the second daughter of four girls. I am the most talkative of us and usually the one who is always joyful. Sometimes I act as if I don't care about anything but yet I am the most sensitive of all my sisters. I was raised most of my life here in New York. However, I lived in Mexico for about 2 years when I was 2 years old; I returned to New York on my fourth birthday. I spent the majority of my childhood living in Astoria, Queens but my parents later made the decision to move to the Bronx. It was a difficult transition for me because I had just graduated 5th grade, class of 2008 and I was leaving all my friends behind and I had to start all over. Class of 2011, I graduated with a medal for my math class. For about a year, I attended a program that would prepare me to take the Specialized High School test. I was one of the few students in my middle school that consistently had good grades. Because of this I was given the opportunity to participate in the College Now Program at Lehman College. This program really gives students an opportunity to work as if we were professionals.


Hello my name is Azam Kalavant. I attend Bronx High School of Science and will be a senior this coming fall. I am in the Audiovisual Television class in the College Now Summer program. I come from a family of traditional Indian musicians, and we have been passing down our tradition for the past 9 generations - me being the ninth. I play tabla, a traditional drum, and have been playing it ever since I was 5; I grew up in the environment and so its a big part of my life. Growing up as a musician in New York, one of the major cultural hubs of the world, I add that to my outlook on my life as tread forward. This class has certainly expand my knowledge and horizon.


Hey there, my name is Ashley Cruz and I'm 16 years old. I currently attend Herbert H. Lehman high school. Some activities I like to do in my off time includes listening to music, watching movies, and using the Internet for long periods of times. Another activity I enjoy is playing tennis. I actually got the chance to play tennis for my school; I enjoyed it so much that I've already decided to join the team again next year during my senior year of high school. When it comes to my future I'm still pretty unsure of where I want to go for College and what I would like to pursue. I chose the Audiovisual production class because I wanted to experience something new and to test the waters to see if it's something I'd consider in pursuing. I hope this College Now experience will help me to decided my future goals.


My name is Alex Franceschi and I'm going to be a senior at Marble Hill School for International Studies. I speak English, Japanese, and a little bit of Spanish. I like to play basketball and football. I was born in North Carolina and moved to New York when I was six. I decided to take Audiovisual production class because it seemed like a lot of fun. I always knew that I wanted a career in something media related, so I can really see this class setting me up to for that. I watch a lot of TV so I might as well be the one to make it. I could see myself in the Movie or Reality Television industry, so I can use the things I learn here to give me a real edge on the competition.


My name is Daniel Obeng. I was born in Ghana, Africa but now live in the bronx as of 2012. I am 17 years of age and currently a senior at Mott Hall V School in the Bronx NY. I am a very religious person; hence, I put God before everything in my life. I live by Biblical principles and therefore hold myself to a high moral standard. I consider education as a very important part of my life. I have been an A+ student since I could remember. Art has also been a great part of my life (although I am not very good at it). I like to play soccer from time to time. I recently picked up skateboarding and basketball; I plan to incorporate them into my life. I am also very skilled in the operation of machines and a very fast learner. Because of this, I aspire to be an Electrical Engineer one day. The thought of putting parts together that coordinates and functions as a whole just brings a smile to my face. There certainly is more to me than can be expressed in writing.


My name is Azeezat Siyanbola and I am 16 years young. I am a rising junior in Eximius College Preparatory Academy. I am a cheerleader in my and I excel in all academics. I was inducted into the NHS this past May and continue to excel in my academics. This year I established the Student Government and I will be running for schoolwide president when we resume school in September. I decided to participate in the College Now Multimedia program not only because I usually don't have anything to do in the summer, but also because I have an interest in cameras and everything electronics. I knew this program was the right fit for me. And the free college credits were even a bigger deal breaker. I hope to apply what my Instructors taught me in more than just this course. This opportunity is rare and I am glad to have been one of the chosen few.


My name is Yesnuel Ramirez; I'm 16 years old and turning 17 in August. I spend most of my time doing what I enjoy which is playing football and baseball and playing video games. I currently attend the high school NYC iSchool. I enrolled in Audio Visual Production because in my school I started to use editing programs and cameras to create productions. I used very easy equipment for those short projects so I wanted to learn more about the editing process as well as how to operate professional cameras. When I get older I want to do something that will not only be fun for me to do but also change the way the world works. I'm not 100% sure what I will pursue when I get to college but I do believe that this class has given me a lot that I can definitely use not in school and in my life.


Hello, I'm Enrica Jiang. Yep, not Erica, as you might be surprised to find! I'm 16 years old and I hail from Brooklyn! It helps that Lehman College is in the Bronx, because I like traveling and exploring. The long train ride puts a damper on things, but I like exploring as I would a new city of my chosen college! I currently attend Stuyvesant High School. I took an acting class during my junior year, and I fell in love with acting. I've never done it on camera, so being a reporter in this Audiovisual Class will be a completely new experience. I love trying new things, even if I turn out miserable. I like poetry, Harry Potter, and spicy foods. Most of all, I can't wait to get out of high school.


My name is Rafael Alberto Arias J., I'm from Dominican Republic. I spent almost 14 years in my native town, during that time I studied two years in Colegio Nuevo Jardin (6-8), then I did the rest of my studies at Colegio Divina Pastoral, CDP, (8-13). I played baseball three years, and practiced karate for two years. Thanks to my grandma I learned many things which made me who I'm today. I came to New York in December of 2010. Here in New York I studied in the New World High School. I have also volunteered for over a year at a food pantry and in a nursing home. I have participated in Gear up Bronx Summer Institute, Gear Up Bronx Zoo Career Leadership, and the College Now Program at Hostos Community College. I am currently enrolled in the College Now Multimedia Program in Lehman. I am planning to study Civil Engineering in college with a minor in Architecture.


My name is Jamar Eccleston, I am senior in CIMS. I would like to major in Computer Science when I enroll in college. I love technology and that's one of the reason why I picked MMJ215. I wanted to understand Video Production and learn how to captivate an audience through video. As the producer of my group I coordinated interviews, and worked on the script and content for our project. The experience of emulating what reporters go through allowed me to gain respect for them. The class was taught by two great teachers Khirlu Burton and Emmanuel Grant. I believe this was a great learning experience and I would recommend it to anyone joining the program next year.


Justin Baez I was born in the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) February, 20th 1997 to Natalia Baez. A couple months after my birth, my mother would embark on a journey to New York City to secure for herself and her family a possible better future. While in DR, I was raised by my Grandmother and her Husband who I grew very fond of. In 2004 I said farewell to the island and arrived in Manhattan. The massive amounts of visual content in NYC amazed me. The lights, ethnic variance, the food. I quickly grew accustomed to it. Even though it was sad to leave DR to New York, But it was certainly bittersweet. Now at the age of 16, and I attend MS/HS/368 on Bailey Avenue. I make beats, write poetry, and am really into fashion.


Francisco Aquino I was born on October 21, 1995, the oldest of five kids. Now at the age of seventeen and soon becoming an adult, many thoughts come to my mind and these thoughts worry me… Thoughts of not knowing what to do in life for a living. I have considered a career in the aerospace field, a career as a professional Tennis player, and a career as a songwriter or a drummer, but it wasn't until I got to high school that I became interested in the multimedia field. I managed to narrow my interests down that far and placed multimedia in my reach to study and pursue. I still am unsure of what specific position I want to take in this field but all the opportunities I cease reassure me that I will find the right thing for me, opportunities like this class in the College Now program


I go by the name of Grace, Grace Nicole Coste. I'm fifteen years old with Dominican parents. I am a high school sophomore going on to be a junior in September. I am currently attending The Metropolitan Soundview High School, which is located in James Monroe Campus in The Bronx. I love to dance, draw and to listen to music. And I also won 2 gold medals in middle school for winning The Stock Market Game.