Revista de crítica literaria y de cultura - Journal of literary criticism and culture
Guidelines for Submission - Ciberletras Stylesheet

Please type your articles, using Microsoft Word.

Then submit the *.doc file as an e-mail attachment.

Required format:
Order: Header, Body text, Notes, Bibliography.
No separate sections, divisions or font changes -- simple format so that the article can be reliably converted to HTML. Font for the entire article -- except title: Times New Roman, 12 points.

Title: Times New Roman, 14 and Bold

Line 1: Title
Line 2: author
Line 3: university/college
Line 4: blank.

Body text:
All paragraphs double-spaced, no indent, blank line between paragraphs.
Long quotes or poems: indent each as a single-spaced paragraph.

Numbers of notes underlined and in parentheses (Times New Roman 12).

They must be in numerical order, to correspond with the footnote numbers in the text.
Number formatted in parentheses; each note should be considered a single paragraph, same font as above. Follow MLA stylesheet rules. Leave a blank line between notes.

All items must be in alphabetical order by author, or journal:
Follow MLA stylesheet rules re. quotation marks and italics, etc.
Each item should be considered a single paragraph, same font as above.
Put blank lines between items.

Photos and paintings: Photos must be in .jpg, .gif or .bmp format. Do not include them within the Word document.