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The Baby Lab at Lehman College

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Welcome to the Baby Lab

Research at the Baby Lab at Lehman College focuses on the study of perceptual and cognitive development in infancy and childhood. The goal of our current research is to understand how infants and young children learn to perceive objects in the world around them. Infants are born without having any visual experience, and suddenly they are exposed to a number of new sights and sounds. How do they begin to make sense of this new sensory input? We explore this question with studies that investigate visual perception and learning processes that take place in infancy and early childhood.

We are interested in figuring out what kinds of visual information infants can see and how they learn to recognize the properties of objects. To do this, we observe where infants look and for how long, and also how they reach when interacting with and exploring new objects in their surroundings. These studies will help us to have a better understanding of what babies and young children know about objects in the world.

Sarah Shuwairi, Ph.D.
Lab Director