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Elaine AvidonElaine Avidon, a retired lecturer of the Department of Early Childhood and Childhood Education and one of the co-leaders of Lehman’s WAC initiative, has been a faculty member at Lehman College since 1969. She is director of the Elementary Teachers Network, a professional development program for New York City teachers, at the Institute for Literacy Studies at Lehman where she also leads the Institute’s Teaching and Learning Inquiry Seminar. Avidon is a former director of the New York City Writing Project and a founding member of the Bard College Institute for Writing and Thinking. Her specialty areas include composition, literacy education and descriptive inquiry. Prior to joining the faculty at Lehman, she was a teacher of social studies in New York City junior high schools. (office C-B48; phone 718-960-6091/7823; e-mail el.avidon@gmail.com)

Cindy Lobel PortraitCindy Lobel is an assistant professor of History and co-coordinator of the WAC program at Lehman. She joined the faculty at Lehman in 2006 and is also on the faculties of Macaulay Honors College and the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Cindy is herself a graduate of the year-long Writing Across the Curriculum Program at Lehman. Her research interests include 19th-century United States history, urban history, New York City history, and the history of American foodways. (office CA-295; phone 718-960-1897 ; email cindy.lobel@lehman.cuny.edu)

TylerTyler T. Schmidt is an assistant professor of English and co-coordinator of the WAC program at Lehman. Involved with WAC since 2005, he worked alongside faculty as a Writing Fellow and co-led faculty institutes as a Faculty Development Associate. Schmidt has worked as a teacher-consultant for the New York City Writing Project and coordinated Pass It On, their summer youth writers’ institute for NYC public school students. His most recent project, Desegregating Desire: Race and Sexuality in Cold War American Literature investigates cross-race writing, interracial sexuality, and queer identity in post-WWII American poetry and fiction from 1945-1955 and will be published by the University Press of Mississippi in the fall of 2013. Research interests include 20th century African American literature, interracial cultural studies, critical pedagogy, and composition/rhetoric. (office C-397; phone 718-960-8556; e-mail tyler.schmidt@lehman.cuny.edu)

Robyn C. Spencer is an Assistant Professor of History at Lehman College where she teaches courses on the Black freedom movement. Her areas of research include Civil rights and Black Power, urban and working-class radicalism, and gender. Her writings on the Black Panther Party have appeared in the Journal of Women's History, Souls, Radical Teacher and many collections of essays on the 1960s. Her book on gender and the organizational evolution of the Black Panther Party in Oakland will be published by Duke University Press in Fall 2015. She is a graduate of the year-long Writing Across the Curriculum Program at Lehman, a former member of the WAC Advisory Council and a supporter of many grassroots history education initiatives. [office C-299; email: robyn.spencer@lehman.cuny.edu]

Portrait of Marcie WolfeMarcie Wolfe is the director of Lehman College’s Institute for Literacy Studies, a CUNY institute focused on literacy education, mathematics education, and school improvement and reform. Within these three areas ILS staff conduct professional development, provide site-based support to schools and programs, and conduct and disseminate research studies that draw upon and extend the knowledge of practitioners in school and community settings. Ms. Wolfe is principal investigator for the ILS’s numerous funded projects, and, in addition, co-coordinates Lehman College’s Writing across the Curriculum Initiative and the New York City W-riting Project, the local site of the National Writing Project . For five years she co-coordinated CUNY’s Looking Both Ways project (a faculty-development collaboration among teachers of writing at CUNY and in the New York City public high schools). Her specialty areas include literacy education, composition, and school reform. (office SP-113; phone 718-960-8758; e-mail marcie.wolfe@lehman.cuny.edu).

Faculty Development Associate

Paula Burleigh is currently pursuing her PhD in Art History at the CUNY Graduate Center. She is writing her dissertation on archaic forms in European art and architecture in the 1950s and '60s. Paula is a Joan Tisch Teaching Fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and she teaches adult education courses at the Museum of Modern Art. In the past, she has taught undergraduate courses at Baruch College, and she currently teaches at Bard High School Early College. She is a frequent contributor to the Art section of the Brooklyn Rail.

The Writing Across the Curriculum Advisory Committee

The WAC Advisory Committee (WAC-AC) provides support and direction to the WAC initiative. WAC-AC’s charge is to assist WAC in 1) expanding its scope to include all academic departments, 2) planning and conducting college-wide faculty development initiatives, and 3) working with the Office of Institutional Research to assess the impact that WAC is having on Lehman’s student population. WAC-AC meets monthly and includes many of the faculty and administrators involved in Lehman’s Coordinated Undergraduate Education Initiative (CUE). In addition to the WAC coordinators, members of WAC-AC include the Provost, the Dean of Arts & Humanities, current and former department chairs, and faculty/ administrators who direct the Freshman Year Initiative, Instructional Support Services, the College Curriculum Committees (undergraduate and graduate), General Education Initiative, CPE coordination, and CUE.

Current members include:

Elaine Avidon, Early Childhood and Childhood Education/WAC Coordinator; Althea Forde, Instructional Support Services; Marlene Gottlieb, Dean of Arts and Humanities; Barbara Jacobson, Sociology/Chair of Curriculum Committee; Robin Kunstler, Health Sciences/Graduate Committee; Eleanor Lundeen, Nursing/CPE Coordinator; Mary Papazian, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost; Vincent Prohaska, Psychology/ Chair of WAC-AC; Joseph Rachlin, Biology; Duane Tananbaum, History; Susanne Tumelty, Institutional Research; Lynne Van Voorhis, Ass't Dean, Summer, Weekend, & Transfer Programs/CUE Coordinator; Robert Whittaker, Journalism, Communications, and Theater/Gen Ed Coordinator; Marcie Wolfe, Institute for Literacy Studies/WAC Coordinator; Steven Wyckoff, English Composition and Coordinated Freshman Programs; Jessica Yood, English/WAC Coordinator.


Last modified: Apr 6, 2015

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