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Department of Political Science

Selected Alumni Success – Department of Political Science Graduates

Political Science Majors, Lehman Alumni: Selected Law School Graduates:
University of Illinois

James Mariani (Law, JD), Lehman Class 2010

Loyola University Alice Michelle Augustine (Law, JD,; Soros Fellow), Lehman Class 2004
New York University

Ayesha Lewis (Law, JD), Lehman Class of 2010

Brian Pete (Law, JD), Lehman Class of 2010
Stanford University Katherine Mateo (Law, JD, 2014), Lehman Class of 2011
SUNY Buffalo

Burim Namani (Law, JD), Lehman Class of 2003
Shemori Corinthian (Law, JD, 2014), Lehman Class of 2011

Yale University Kristin Burgess (Law, JD), Lehman Class of 2007
Brooklyn Law School

Zaina Khoury, Lehman Class of 2013

Khrystyna Rayko, Lehman Class of 2011
CUNY Law School Victor Negron, Lehman Class of 2010
Fordham Law School Christina Dumitrescu, Lehman Class of 2011
Georgetown Law School Valerio Russo, Lehman Class of 2009

Political Science Majors. Lehman Alumni: Selected Professional and Graduate School Graduates:

City College, CUNY Irina Svevzhanovskaya (Public Administration, MPSM), Lehman College class of 2013
Baruch College, CUNY Justin Simmons (Public Administration, MPA) [Constituent Liaison, NY State Assembly Member, Daniel J. O’Donnell], Lehman Class of 2011
Instituto de Estudios Internacionales, Universidad de Chile Elias Alcantara (International Relations, MA ; Organization of American State Scholar) [Associate Director, Office of Intergovernmental Relations, The White House], Lehman Class of 2008
Oxford University Kunchok Dolma (International Relations, M. Phil; Clarendon Scholar), Lehman Class of 2009
Syracuse University Amy Solar-Doherty (Public Affairs/International Relations, MPA-MA joint degree), Lehman Class of 2008

Valedictorian, Political Science Majors:

2014 Ibrahima Souare, Administrative Coordinator, SoBro/Minority Business Development Agency
2012 Olufemi Faniyi
2008 Elias Alcantara, former White House Intern
2005 Ruben Diaz, Jr. the Bronx Borough President
2004 Michelle Augustine, Soros Fellow
2002 Carol Robinson

Political Science Majors and Alumni: Scholarships and Fellowships

St. George Society Scholarship for Commonwealth students

Natorie Beckford, 2018 recipient

Fulbright Fellow Zarin Tasnim – Lehman Class of 2014

Note: This link is still under construction. If you are an alumni of the department and wish to share your success story with us, please email Prof. Elhum Haghighat [].