Strategic Plan

Dear Colleagues, Students, Alumni, and Friends,

Planning for the future of Lehman College has been a major and continuing part of our activities for several years.  New programs, enhanced academic and support services for students, advances in technology, and a new graphic identity for marketing and branding are some of the accomplishments achieved in the 2005-2008 Strategic Plan. A new Mission Statement and Lehman’s first Vision and Values Statements, approved by the Lehman College Senate on May 16, 2007, emerged from recommendations contained in the same Plan. In Fall 2008, when that planning process was brought to a conclusion, a seamless transition to a new one was set in motion with the establishment of the Strategic Planning Council (SPC), chaired by Professor Ira Bloom (Political Science).

The Strategic Planning Council examined a significant amount of data and reports, engaged in discussions with senior administrators and held town hall meetings as they sought to identify the issues, challenges, and opportunities the College will face in the next decade. The ideas and recommendations that emerged from this process are contained in the Strategic Planning Council Report (January 2010).This Report provides the substance and context for the goals, objectives, and strategies presented in Achieving the Vision by Building on a Strong Foundation: Strategic Directions for Lehman College 2010-2020. During the latter part of the Spring 2010 semester, Achieving the Vision was widely shared with the campus community.

Guided by the Strategic Planning Council Report and Achieving the Vision, Lehman College is poised to move forward with direction and purpose, prepared to meet our four principal goals: excellence in teaching, research, and learning; enhanced student success; greater institutional and financial effectiveness; and a commitment to engagement and community service.


Ricardo R. Fernández
President, Lehman College
The City University of New York
August 2010