Urban Studies

Acting Coordinator: Donna Kirchheimer (Carman Hall, Room 202B)

Steering Committee: Mario Gonzalez-Corzo, David Fletcher, Dene Hurley, Cindy Lobel, Juliana Maantay, Shehzad Nadeem, James Jervis, Joseph Rachlin, Milagros Ricourt, Robyn Spencer, Elin Waring.

bronxMany students with majors in the social sciences wish to focus their course work on the problems of urban areas. Participation in the Urban Studies Specialization enables these students to pursue their interests in a more structured way, while at the same time completing all course work requirements in their own majors. Participation in the Urban Studies Specialization in no way replaces a major. Rather, it provides a setting for students to choose their elective courses around urban themes, to meet students and faculty from other majors who share these concerns, and to participate in interdisciplinary urban studies seminars and field research.

Urban Community Development (Interdisciplinary minor)

This interdisciplinary program is a minor designed to introduce students to a variety of topics and issues in urban community development. Students will be exposed to community-based local, national, and international social, political, and economic analyses, as well as to political figures, philosophies, theories, and movements. The minor is designed especially for students who wish to combine an interest in community development with majors such as African and African American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Latin American and Puerto Rican Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology.

For more information on the Urban Community Development minor, click here; or contact Professor Kirchheimer: donna.kirchheimer@lehman.cuny.edu.

Last modified: Feb 14, 2012