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Gul Tiryaki-Sonmez

E-Mail Address:
Phone Number: 718-960-7755
Office Number: APEX, Room 265
Rank: Associate Professor
Degrees and Sources of Degrees: B.S., Youth and Sport Academy, Ankara, Turkey; M.S., Oklahoma State Univ.; Ph.D., Univ. of New Mexico

Selected publications:

  • Tiryaki-Sonmez, G., Schoenfeld, B., Vatansever-Ozen, S. Omega 3 Fatty Acids And Exercise: A Review Of Their Combined Effects On Body Composition And Physical Performance. Biomedical Human Kinetics, 3, 23 – 29, 2011 DOI: 10.2478/v10101-011-0007-4.
  • Ozen, S., Tiryaki- Sonmez, G.,  Bugdayci, G.,  Ozen, G.  The Effects Of Exercise On Food Intake And Hunger: Relationship With Acylated Ghrelin And Leptin.  Journal of Sports Sciences and Medicine, accepted for publication, in press.
  • Tiryaki-Sonmez, G.,  Ozen, S., Ozen, G.,  Sonmez. Respiratory Muscle Strength and Lung Volumes in Male Turkish Adolescents. Collegium Antropologicum, accepted for publication, in press.Ozen, S.,
  • Tiryaki- Sonmez, G., Ozen, G.  Anthropometric, Strength And Pulmonary Characteristics Of Elite And Non Elite Sport Climbers. E-Journal of New World Sciences Academy, accepted for publication, in press.
  • Tiryaki -Sonmez, G., Çolak, M., Sönmez, S., Brad Schoenfeld. Effects of Oral Supplementation of Mint Extract on Muscle Pain and Blood Lactate. Biomedical Human Kinetics, DOI: 10.2478/v10101-0016-8, 2: 25-29, 2010.
  • Yaman,  H., Tiryaki- Sonmez,  G.,  Gurel, K. The Effects Of Oral L-Arginine Supplementation On Vasodilation And Max VO2 Level of Male Soccer Players. Biomedical Human Kinetics, DOI:10.2478/v10101-010-0006-x, 2: 66-69, 2010.
  • Ozen, S., Tiryaki Sonmez, G., Yuktasir, B., Yalcin, B., Bugdayci, G., Willems, M. Effects Of Exercise On Leptin And Acylated Ghrelin Hormones In Trained Males. Journal of Exercise Physiologyonline, 12 (2): 20-30, 2010.
  • Rising, R., Tiryaki-Sonmez, G. Energy Expenditure and Physical Activity In Recovering Malnourished Infants. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, Article ID 171490, 7  pages,  doi:10.1155/2010/171490, 2009.
  • Tiryaki- Sonmez, G.,  Ozen, S., Yuktasir, B., Yalcin, B., Ozen, G., Sonmez, S., Demirel, N.. The Effects Of High Altitude Climbing On Respiratory Parameters. Medicine Sportiva, 13 (1): 49-53, 2009.
  • Bugdayci, G., Koc, O., Yuktasir, B., Ozen, S., Yalcin, HB., Tiryaki-Sonmez, G . Salivary Antioxidant Capacity During Exercise In Athletes. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Cell Biology IDS Number: 417PV ISSN: 1521-6543 IUBMB LIFE, 61(3): 368-368, 2009.
  • Ozen, S and  Tiryaki-Sonmez,G.  Ghrelin Hormon And Exercise.   Journal of Physical Education & Sport Sciences,  (Gazi BESBD), XIII, 3: 11 – 24, 2008.
  • Guzel, G., H. Gokmen,, G. Tiryaki Sonmez, B. Yuktaşır, F. Konukman. The Effects of Arousal Level on Reaction Time of 8-Year Old Children in Karate. Journal of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (, 7 (2): 45-54, 2005.

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