Environmental, Geographic, and Geological Sciences


Hari Pant



GEP 210 (Introduction to Environmental Science; 3 hours, 3 credits). Course Description: Overview of environmental systems ranging from biological species and soil conservation to water and waste management. After taking this course, students will be able to show competency on various aspects of physical and biological environment, including air, water, biodiversity and ecosystem/community structures, demonstrate understanding of necessary tools to look at environmental concerns or policies from an interdisciplinary perspective, investigate/critically analyze various environmental damages/deterioration in the environmental quality in any given area/region, and students will be able to utilize holistic approaches for environmental management.

Geo 166 (Processes of Global Change; 5 hours, 4 credits, 3 lecture, 2 lab).

Course Description: Evolution of the planet Earth; global composition and circulation of the Earth’s air, water and rock systems, and their interaction with the biosphere. Earth science-based analysis of transnational and global environmental problems. Management of our energy, mineral, and material resources. PREQ: Completion of the College Requirement in Mathematics. After taking this course, students will be able to assess the global/transnational environmental concerns/issues, demonstrate knowledge on internal and surfaces processes of the earth, and how they interact with the biosphere, as well as how they affect the ecosystems and civilizations, relate global changes such as climate change/global warming issues with environmental/resource use policies, and demonstrate the understanding of inter-relation between local/regional and global issues/opportunities, and investigate potential transnational/global impacts of overexploitation of natural resources, and analyze and critically evaluate published data/results on global change issues/opportunities.

Last modified: Apr 7, 2015

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