Environmental, Geographic, and Geological Sciences


William Bosworth

Publications and Presentations

  • Website:  “Discovering The Bronx: Using Census Data to Highlight Social Problems in a Major Urban Area.”   http://www.lehman.edu/deannss/bronxdatactr/discover/bxtext.htm
  • Book: Catholicism and Crisis in Modern France, Princeton Univ. Press, 1962  (407 pp.)
  • Articles:  “The French Catholic Hierarchy and the Algerian Question,” in Western Political Quarterly, Dec. 1962, pp. 667-680
  • “Les functions du gouverneur,” in Informations et Documents (US Embassy, Paris), Dec. 15, 1966, pp. 10-15
  • «The Rigid Embrace of Dependency: France and  Black African Education Since 1960,» in Contemporary French Civilization, V(3), 1981, pp. 327-345
  • E. Drucker, P. Alcabes, W. Bosworth, B. Sckell,  “Childhood Tuberculosis in The Bronx, New York, The Lancet, June 11, 1994, pp. 1482-1485
  • D. Alland, G. Kalkut, A. Moss, R. McAdam, J.Hahn, W. Bosworth, E. Drucker, and B . Bloom, “Transmission of Tuberculosis in New York City,” in New England Journal of Medicine, June 16, 1994, pp. 1710-1716  (See analysis in New York Times, June 16, 1994)
  • J. Fang, W. Bosworth, S. Madhavan, H. Cohen and M. Alderman, “Differential Mortality in New York City, 1988-1992: Excess Mortality in the South Bronx,” Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine, Winter, 1995, pp. 483-499
  • Jing Fang, Shantha Madhavan, William Bosworth and Michael H. Alderman, “Residential Segregation and Mortality in New York City,” Soc.Sci.Med.,  47 (4)  (1998), pp. 469-476
  • Academic Presentations: Contributed maps to The Power of Maps exhibition at the Cooper Hewitt Museum New York city, September-November, 1992 and at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC,  Nov. 1993-Jan. 1994
  • Lecturer on the American Constitution and American political issues (in French and in English) for the US Information Agency (AMPART Program) to university audiences and government officials:
    • 1987  in Dakar, Senegal
    • 1988  in France (10 universities)
    • 1989  in Liberia,  Burkina Faso, and Togo
    • 1991  in Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and Madagasca

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