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Implementation of the Revised Multi-Subject Tests

Registration for the revised Multi-Subject Tests opened on August 28, 2014 and will be administered for the first time September 22, 2014. The following are the revised version of the multi-subject tests:

  • Multi-Subject: Teachers of Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2) (Field 211/212/245)
  • Multi-Subject: Teachers of Childhood (Grades 1-6) (Field 221/222/245)
  • Multi-Subject: Teachers of Middle Childhood (Grade 5-9) (Field 231/232/245),
  • Multi-Subject: Secondary Teachers (Grade 7-12) (Field 241/242/245)

Please note: Candidates may register to take all three parts at the same time or may register to take each part separately. However, it is less expensive to register for all three parts at the same time.

Multi-Subject CSTs:

  • Part One                                        $75
  • Part Two                                       $75
  • Part Three                                     $49

Total if all three parts are taken together at one administration $179

For more information about test fees visit the NYSTCE website at

Revised version of the Multi-Subject Tests

Each revised version of the Multi-Subject Tests contains three parts:

Part One: Literacy and English Language Arts

  • Part Two: Mathematics
  • Part Three: Arts and Sciences

Please note: Part Three of the test is the same for all Multi-Subject Tests. A candidate applying for multiple Multi-Subject certificates only needs to take and pass Part Three once.  Candidate will need to take and pass part one and two only.

In addition, if any attempt to pass a part of the exam is unsuccessful, candidates must wait 60 days before retaking Parts One and/or Two of the revised Multi Subject Tests. Candidates must wait 30 days before retaking Part Three of the revised Multi Subject Tests. Although candidates must wait the required time period before they can retake the test, candidates may re-register immediately.

Candidates must successfully pass all three parts of a revised Multi-Subject Test in order to receive a passing score for certification. In the event that a candidate fails to obtain a passing score on one or more parts of the test, the candidate must re-register and retake the part(s) she/he did not pass.

Please visit the New York State Teacher Certification Examination website at for available test dates.

Preparation guides, along with updated test frameworks and other useful information for test preparation, are also available on the NYSTCE website at:

Please feel free to contact the Certification Office at 718 960-8423, if you have any questions.

NYSTCE Updates on Content Specialty Test Preparation Guides:

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is pleased to announce that the preparation guides, along with updated test frameworks and other useful information for test preparation, are now available on the New York State Teacher Certification Examination website at for the Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) listed below:

First Administration Date - September 22, 2014

Test Field Link to Preparation Guide
English Language Arts
Multi-Subject Teachers of Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2)
Multi-Subject Teachers of Childhood (Grade 1 - Grade 6)
Multi-Subject Teachers of Middle Childhood (Grade 5 - Grade 9)
Multi-Subject Secondary Teachers (Grade 7 - Grade 12)

Candidates taking one of the CSTs listed above on or after September 22, 2014, must take the revised CST examination for certification. Registration for the revised CSTs is anticipated to begin on August 21, 2014. The administration of these more rigorous examinations will begin on September 22, 2014. Candidates should register and prepare for the revised CST examinations with these dates in mind, as the prior versions of  these CST’s will no longer be available.

Please note: When the revised Multi-Subject tests are implemented, candidates will need to pass each of the three sections of the assessment, (the Math, the English Language Arts and general knowledge sections will be scored separately) to meet the certification requirements.

Candidates who are working towards the Students with Disabilities Grades 7-12 Generalist certification will be required to take the Multi-Subject: Secondary Teachers (Grade 7 – Grade 12) examination once it is becomes available on September 22, 2014. These candidates are not eligible to use the current Multi-Subject Content Specialty Test (CST) (002) for this certification.

MS - CST Prep Workshops

FREE CST-Multi-Subject Test Preparation Workshops For Lehman College School of Education students and alumni ONLY!

For more information contact Michael Shapiro and let him know you are a Lehman Education student:

Phone: (718) 960-7861
Lehman College Office Hours (Carman Hall, B54) are generally on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12-6 all year long.

About the Instructor:
Dr. Michael Shapiro coordinates the Leap To Teacher program at Lehman College.  He has provided New York State teacher certification exam preparation workshops at Lehman, other CUNY sites, the NYC DoE and elsewhere for many years. If you have any questions, concerns or issues with any aspect of your preparation, please contact Dr. Shapiro.


Welcome to Lehman College’s Multi-Subject CST Exam Prep Workshop. This workshop is designed to help you prepare to take the Multi-Subject CST exam so you can do your best to be successful. The following documents contain much useful prep and practice material. Go at your own pace. Keep in mind that the more you are diligent with your practice and preparation, the better you should do on the exam.

Complete Prep Workbook

This module contains the complete Multi-Subject CST prep workbook.  It is very comprehensive and interactive.  It covers all aspects of the exam – multiple choice and writing.

  • Introduction and Overview: This chapter provides an overview of the CST, what to expect, how to prepare, its challenges, formats and scoring system.
  • Written Response Chapter: This chapter contains sample Written Response prompts, a model being successful. Examples and several practice prompts that you can do and then email to Dr. Shapiro for his review and feedback at

Reference and Study Material

This module contains material for you to brush up on concepts, facts, names etc. pertaining to the broad subject areas covered on the CST.

XAM Study Guide and Online MC Practice

Learn about the XAM publishing company’s CST study guide and online multiple choice practice module.


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