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Videos of classroom teaching and video commentary (narratives, reflections) are increasingly being used as assignments and for assessment in teacher education programs. The New York State Teacher Certification (edTPA) includes a video submission as part of a portfolio requirement. Reflecting on actual practice can help student teachers move from intellectual understandings to improved performance.

Below are some classroom teaching videos and resources that Lehman College faculty and students can use to discuss, analyze and review teaching practice.

Teaching Channel

The Teaching Channel is a video showcase of "inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools." Registered members can trade ideas and share inspiration from each other. You can search and filter the topics by subject, grade, and topic. It includes excellent quality videos, teaching, commentary (cut and uncut). If you have specific recommendations for videos that you want to share with your colleagues, please email the URL to with a brief sentence about the demonstration/use value.

Professor Joye Smith recommends the following two HS classes:

Research for Better Schools

Research for Better Schools created several teaching videos to train their observers on how to use a specific classroom observation protocol. RBS has generously shared some resources with Lehman College: School of Education to support and improve our professional training. To access these videos, go to This is a new "YouTube-like" multimedia Lehman College site. Log-in with your webmail username and password. All School of Education faculty will have access to the videos below on or after March 20, 2013.

Video 1: ELA Middle School Lesson - About Benjamin Banneker

Teacher needed to integrate literacy across the Middle School curriculum. Demonstrates some examples of teacher modeling reading and choral reading; use of graphic organizer for retelling. 7th or 8th grade.

Video 2: ELA Middle School Lesson - Titanic Choral Reading Activity

Includes direct, explicit instruction of fluent reading strategies; activating prior knowledge before reading (Titanic); Some teacher modeling, fluency strategies (paired reading, antiphonal reading). Grade between 6th - 8th.

Video 3: Middle School - Readers' Theater

Includes, choral reading; reading a text like a play; 8th grade.

Video 4: Middle School - Read 180 on Peer Pressure

Includes example of Think-Pair-Share; Non-choral reading and single word reading; Reference to graphic organizer (in wrap-up); Read 180 is specific model and not typical classroom; Edited with a lot of fades, not continuous teaching. Grade between 6th - 8th.

Video 5: Intro Clip - Used to Improve Observer Note-Taking and Coding Skills

Lehman faculty and students can make other independent observations. However, the clip originally focused on observation protocols designed by the Center for Excellence in Teacher Preparation at the University of Minnesota.

MET Ex Tagging Project

Lehman College: School of Education has become a partner with the MET Extension Project. The Measures of Effective Teaching Extension Project (MET Ex) and Teaching Works (University of Michigan) are collaborating to build a video library of English language arts and mathematics teaching practices. Our students are helping “tag” actual classroom teaching videos according to specific skills and strategies viewed in a lesson. Once tagged, this collection of teaching videos will then be searchable, offering a valuable resource in our teacher education program.

Since the library of videos are not available to the public, access to the videos are currently ONLY for the participants in the tagging project. However, Lehman College faculty can access the "training videos" with a special username and password. There are 6 ELA teaching videos ranging from grades 3 - 8 and 7 Math teaching videos in the same grades. If these videos might be of interest to Lehman College School of Education faculty, please contact to request access.


Grade 6


Grade 4


Grade 8


Grade 4


Grade 8


Grade 7

Math A

Grade 5

Math B

Grade 4

Math C

Grade 4

Math D

Grade 5

Math E

Grade 5

Math F

Grade 5

Math G

Grade 6

Engage NY (Common Core Video Series)

The New York State Education Department has created a video library to support professional development and create opportunities to reflect on effective teaching. They describe it as an, “innovative and differentiated resource that brings the Common Core instructional shifts, teacher and leadership evaluation and data driven instruction to life. The library, which will house hundreds of videos from around New York state, captures teaching and evaluation along a developmental arc and tags for characteristics like grade level, subject area, Common Core Standards and instructional shifts and teacher and leader evaluation rubric indicators. Videos range in length from short 5 minute clips to longer views of lessons up to 40 minutes.”

New York City Department of Education

Resources to come! Stay tuned!

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