edTPA - Teacher Performance Assessment

Handbook Specifications

Always check your content area Handbook for specific requirements listed in the "Evidence Chart." We support the technical requirements by providing the following User Guides and general instructions.

You MUST check Task 2, "What Do I Need to Do?" section of your program handbook to determine:


    1. Number of clips required or allowed;
    2. Length of clip(s);
    3. Which students can or must be included in the clip (i.e. whole class? small group? focus learners?).

When naming each video clip file, include the number of the lesson shown in the clip: Lesson 2 Clip 1, Lesson 2 Clip 2 (or Early Childhood, Learning Experience 2 Clip 1, etc.)

Task 2: Instruction & Video

Student Consent (Video/Media Consent Forms signed by parents)

You MUST check with personnel (principal, classroom teacher, other) if Department of Education “Consent to videotape a student for non-profit use” form is on file and up-to-date for each student in your classroom. If not (or if you are not sure), you MUST collect consent forms for all the students in your class prior to videotaping.

Recommended Prep with Cooperating Teacher

  • Decide with your cooperating teacher in advance where your students will be during the lesson and where the tripod and camcorder will be placed.
  • Set-up the tripod in a safe location that will capture the picture and audio of your teaching and class participation.
  • Try not to stand in front of window light or have the camera face window light directly.
  • Arrange to borrow the video camcorder for a practice week. This will help cooperating teacher, students and you become familiar with the equipment.

Reserving, Checkout, Return Video Camcorder

We STRONGLY recommend that you borrow a Lehman Camcorder. To borrow equipment from Lehman College, you MUST complete the Reservation Form linked to your TaskStream account. Go to your Student Teaching or Internship DRF > open left navigation folder for edTPA Support Materials > top link = reservation form.

REQUEST: Camcorder bundle + tripod
Includes: Camcorder, tripod, 2 batteries, battery charger cord, USB download extension cable, case

LEHMAN ID: You must present your valid Lehman ID to pick-up the equipment.

You MUST download your video prior to returning the video camera (include time for that in your scheduled request). After download, delete your video. Once cameras are returned your video will be deleted.

NOTIFICATION: Completing this form is ONLY a request, you will receive notification of confirmation by email.

ALERT: If you do not pick-up the camera at the scheduled time, your reservation may default and be given to the next person. PLEASE return on-time for the next user!

All USER GUIDES FOR THE Zi10 CAMCORDER are available below and on our User Guide page.

Please check the battery charge in advance of recording. Each battery will last approx. 1.5 hour (one and a half hours).

Using Kodak Zi10 Camcorder

Editing & Compressing Video

Compressing Video Using MovieMaker or iMovie
Guides from TaskStream:

Deleting Video

Other Video Assignments (iPad, Phone, iTunes)

  • You are welcome to use any video technology to complete the edTPA, although student engagement and clear audio are needed for submission. 
  • The School of Education technology lab will not be able to support you using these strategies.

Last modified: Aug 15, 2014

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