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Storing & Transferring Video and Other Files

If you come to Lehman College to work on your video, you must bring a flash drive (at least 8 Gig) to take your original video and clips home. We cannot store your video on campus computers.

Or you can check-out the options below:

Lehman email

Your Lehman email (Live 365) is a lifetime account. The lc.cuny.edu account works well with any mobile device. You cannot forward email to another personal account (but you can have other email forwarded to this account). Your Lehman email address and password gives you valuable access to SkyDrive cloud storage. See details below.

Lehman email & SkyDrive for cloud storage and large files

You can upload files from any computer (school, lab, work, home) and access them on another computer.

Go to SkyDrive.live.com and log in using your Lehman Student email username and password. Once inside SKYDRIVE, you can upload files by clicking on Upload. You can also view DOCUMENTS, PICTURES, VIDEOS (MAC Users: Make sure the Silverlight plugin on your computer is updated) and also SHARE using the SHARED/PUBLIC Folder. You can also create your own Folders inside the SkyDrive. Additionally, you have access to creating Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote files by clicking on Create. In other words, Microsoft is giving you parts of MS Office as part of your Lehman email account. Additional storage space can be purchased directly through Microsoft.

For very large files (i.e. videos larger than 2GB) or to use with your mobile device, you will need to download the SkyDrive App (download is available for Mac and PC).

Lehman email Help Desk: Call OR visit the IT Center

Video Compression

You should keep an original version of your edTPA video(s) so using a flash drive or SkyDrive app is recommended. However, if you need to compress your video prior to storing/uploading review the following user guides:


Last modified: Sep 9, 2013

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