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Lehman College Continuing Education

Registration Information

Registration Policy

Full payment for tuition and fees payable by money order, MasterCard, Visa or Discover (credit card accepted for class tuition $35 and above) is required at the time of registration, prior to attending class(es). NO CASH OR CHECK PAYMENTS ACCEPTED.

It’s Easy to Register!

  • Register online here. Please indicate current contact information including at least two phone numbers and email address.
  • Call (718) 960-8512 during office hours
  • Fax completed registration form to (718) 960-8727 with (MasterCard,VISA or Discover info)
  • Send completed registration form with current contact and payment information to:


    Lehman College, Office of Continuing Education
    Carman Hall, Room 128 
    250 Bedford Park Blvd. West
    Bronx, NY 10468-1589-1589

  • Visit Lehman College, address above, or CUNY on the Concourse, 2501 Grand Concourse.

It is strongly recommended that prospects register at least 3 business days prior to class start to guarantee a spot.

Note: Students registering by phone, mail or fax will be sent a tuition receipt. All others may pick up receipts at the location at which they registered, Lehman College or CUNY on the Concourse. Please review your receipt carefully. Call 718-960-8512 if you need any changes to update your address or phone(s) or email information, etc.

Room Location  - If it is not listed on receipt, call (718) 960-8512 during regular business hours prior to the first class meeting or see posting outside Carman Hall. Room 128. In the event a course is cancelled, we attempt to notify students; however, students are advised to verify the status of courses by calling (718) 960-8512 no earlier than 24 hours prior to the first class meeting.

Fees (Non-Refundable)

  • $20 - Registration Fee (payable each semester)
  • $ 5 - Transcript or Certificate fee
  • $25 - Application for certificate programs
  • $16.25 - Returned Checks
  • $ 5 - Replacement of lost Real Estate or Teacher cert.
  • $10 - Replacement of lost CUNYCard ID only
  • $15 - Replacement of lost CUNYCard  ID with parking
  • $ 3 - Replacement of lost tuition receipt
  • $2+ Carman IT Center Printing fees (fee depends on # copies)


Discounts are given toward the tuition-only of one course per semester on a space available basis. Registrants must provide current I.D. proof in-person. There are no discounts given on courses $100 or less; $300 or more; online courses; and specific courses as noted in the brochure. Note: only one discount may be applied.

  • 15%   Senior citizens (62 years and older)
  • 15%   Lehman College current degree students/alumni and 1 child
  • 10%   CUNY employees
  • 25%   Lehman College employees
  • 15%   Children of Lehman College employees

Notice  - The College reserves the right to cancel courses, adjust curricula and hours, close facilities, substitute instructors, change locations, substitute equipment or limit enrollment without notice.  For the latest course and schedule information, please call (718)960-8512.

Requests for Accommodation

  • If you wish to inquire about disability services please contact the Continuing Education Registrar, Maryann Drago-Dowling at 718-960-8077, to discuss your individual needs.Requests for accommodations must be accompanied by documentation of disability. Please submit requests and documentation well in advance of class start date to ensure that reasonable accommodation requests can be processed in a timely manner.

Course Substitutions for Certificate Program Courses   

  • Course substitutions need permission of the program coordinator(s). Students must complete a Waiver of Course form also available in the Office of Continuing Education.

Grades and Transcripts

Grade reports are mailed at the conclusion of each semester. Transcripts - Students should complete a Transcript Request form. Include $5 (check or money order payable to “Lehman College”).

Certificate Requests

Students satisfactorily completing a Continuing Education Course or Program* may request a Certificate for $5 (check or money order). *Exceptions: No fee required for Dental Assistant, Infection Control, DASA Training, Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) courses, English as a Second Language Institute courses, and children’s courses. For Program Certificates, students must submit a program application $25, before registering for 2nd class requirement, and certificate request form $5. Download here or call (718) 960-8512 to obtain form.

Certificate Programs 

To earn a program certificate, students must apply for and be accepted into a program and successfully complete program requirements. Students must have a high school diploma or GED to be admitted. Please refer to specific program as some require additional education or degrees. Basic computer skills are recommended. To apply:

  • Request a Certificate Program Application: call (718) 960-8512 or download it from here.
  • Attach a photocopy of high school diploma or GED or official copy of proof of highest level of education attained or transcript.
  • Mail with a $25 check or money order payable to “Lehman College” to Maryann Drago-Dowling, Registrar, Lehman College, Office of Continuing Education, 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West, Bronx, NY 10468-1589.

Those planning to complete a certificate program may enroll in a maximum of 2 courses without being formally admitted. Certificate requirements are those in effect at the time a student’s application is accepted.

Students may register for individual courses unless otherwise speicified.

Continuing Education Units 

A CEU represents a nationally recognized instrument for documenting participation in non-credit programs. One CEU equals 10 hours of class participation. Continuing education credits may not be transferred to a degree bearing program.


For classes at Lehman College, textbooks may be purchased online at,, and others. Books can be pre-ordered at the Lehman College Bookstore, Goulden Avenue, Gate 2, 718-960-8144 or 718-220-3059 online Be sure to keep book receipts. E-mail for book information or call 718-960-8512.


On-site Course Refunds  -  Requests for refunds must be made in writing and received before the date of the first class for 100% refunds and before the second class for 50% refunds.

  • 100% refund if course is cancelled by the College
  • 100% refund, less the registration fee, prior to 1st class
  • 50% refund, less the registration fee, prior to 2nd class

No refunds after the second class meeting or after the start of classes for courses of less than four weeks duration. Refunds are made by credit card or check, depending on form of payment used for registration. Note: The refund process may take up to 8 weeks.

Allied Health Class Refunds

  • Students who fail to complete physical exam documentation required for clinical prior to the 2nd class meeting, will receive only a partial tuition refund if they withdraw.

Online or Hybrid Course Refunds 

  • CAP10, VPW10 and SWA10 Workshops are non-refundable. Online PFP66: A 100% refund, less registration may be issued within five days of registration for the course. For other online courses click here or see our brochure.

For other online or hybrid courses

  • 100% refund if course is cancelled by the College
  • 100% refund, less the registration fee, prior to starting date
  • 50% refund, less the registration fee, within three days from the starting dateStudents must drop in writing by emailing prior to the second session

Financial Assistance

Many Continuing Education courses are eligible for vouchers, reimbursement from employers, and loans. You must apply early – it often takes several weeks for processing prior to registration.


  • VESID/ACCES-VR (Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities), (718)931-3500 TTY 718-828-4003 Once you have been assigned an ACCES-VR counselor, call Maryann Drago-Dowling at 718-960-8077 or e-mail with counselor contact information.
  • Workforce New York You may be eligible for an ITG Specific certificate programs may qualify for and ITG tuition voucher. You may Call 718-960-8077 for Lehman program application. You must also apply early at a Workforce One-Stop Center near you.
  • Employment vouchers may be available through your employer. Contact the human resources department, personnel or training departments at your place of employment.

VA Benefits

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs and G. I. Bill application: submit VA Form 22-1990 VRAP voucher not applicable to 4-year schools. For degree-seeking students, contact Barbara Thompson, Lehman VA Coordinator at 718-960-7188. For certificate program students, contact Maryann Drago-Dowling at 718-960-8077 to learn about applying your benefits. Bring eligibility letter when registering for classes.


  • Helena Rubenstein Foundation Adult and Continuing Education Scholarships: Limited scholarships are available to cover up to 90% tuition for Fall 2017 Continuing Education certificate program classes. To become eligible to apply, please make appointment with Scholarship Liaison, Maryann Drago-Dowling: email or call 718-960-8077.  Please check your email regularly during the application process. Award and decline letters will be sent via email within 3-4 weeks after close date.

    Please note: Application (including ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS) must be completed and submitted ONLINE only by deadline date and time (may be completed in several online sessions/over time and must include the 2 typed essays and verification of income). The deadline to complete ONLINE application and receive ALL application and required documents items is Thursday, June 29, 2017 by 12 noon. We strongly recommend that you complete application in advance of the deadline date/time as much as possible, since Lehman College CE must complete additional items ahead of the deadline. Any items received deadline, may not be considered for review.

  • The Rev. Edward Leman Davis, Sr. Scholarship Fund for two Certified Nursing Assistant students per semester may reimburse up to $300. Students must register, attend 130-hour program and apply for scholarship for reimbursement. Call for application 718-960-8512.

Student Loan

  • The Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan is available for certificate program tuition fees. Visit to apply for a SMART LOAN-Indicate school code: 00702298


Lehman College Parking
Metered Parking: Parking at muni-meters may be available on Goulden Avenue and on Bedford Park Boulevard West. Campus Parking: Once purchased and activated, CUNYcards operate as parking proximity cards. If your CUNYcard was processed before 2014, you will need to have it replaced (see steps above). Limited parking is available on Goulden Avenue in the North Lot, Mon.-Fri., 9 am-6:30 pm. After 6:30 pm, parking is available in the South Lot. Both lots are open on weekends.

CUNY on the Concourse Parking
Street parking, both metered and non-metered, may be available within close walking distance to CUNY on the Concourse. Fee-based parking is available at the Municipal Parking Garage at Jerome Avenue and 190th Street. For current rates call: Jerome-190th Street Municipal Garage 718-329-1186.

Snow or Emergency Closings

To find out if Lehman College is closed or delays opening, go to the Lehman College homepage: a “pop-up” window indicating emergency closing information will be present if an announcement has been made. Also you can call the Lehman College main telephone number at 718-960-8000 for current information. If no emergency closing information is provided, the College will be open. To find out if individual Continuing Education classes have been cancelled, please call 718-960-8512.

Radio/Television stations that will broadcast and/or web-post CUNY closings: WCBS 880AM; WINS 1010AM; NY1 Channel 1; WNBC-TV Channel 4; WNYW FOX Channel 5. CUNY closings can also be obtained by calling New York City’s 3ll information line or visiting