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Courses are academic, artistic, healthy and fun. Class topics include Computers for Mature Adults; Languages; Writing; Business Skills; Art & Music; Photography & Video; Culinary Arts; Yoga, T’ai Chi Chuan; Dance; and Physical Fitness, Sports, Swimming and more.

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Lehman’s experienced and award-winning teachers are especially passionate about their personal development classes. You’ll find that our teachers love what they do and make it a goal to inspire.

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Enjoy special advantages. Students gain access to computer labs with Internet access, the College library and the state-of-the-art APEX Fitness Center. Plus, you’ll receive discounts for exciting shows at the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts.

Art / Photography

Digital Photography I
Digital Photography is the art of “Writing with Light”. Whether you have a point and shoot, or a high end SLR, the fundamentals of good photography remain the same. Learn to use your camera in manual mode while crafting powerful images.

EDP 70/$155 (5 sessions) LEHC
Prereq. PCW 22 or equivalent; bring digital camera.

Digital Photography II

Take your photography skill to the next level - learn to handle diffi cult lighting situations, advanced post processing techniques, and delve deeper into the history of photography to learn from the masters. Build a portfolio of great images while honing your photo editing skills.

EDP 72/$155 (5 sessions) LEHC
Prerequisite EDP 70 or equivalent; bring digital camera.

Digital Photography Workshop (Intensive)
EDP 75/$295 (8 sessions) LEHC Bring digital camera.

The Use of Art for the Developmentally Challenged
STA 85/$40 (2 sessions) LEHC

Creative Drawing & Painting
STA 26/$155 (7 sessions) LEHC


American Sign Language I
ASL 10/$150 (8 sessions) LEHC
American Sign Language II
ASL 12/$150 (8 sessions) LEHC
Speed Spanish I
LSP 20/$150 (8 sessions) LEHC


The Creative Kitchen: Delicious and Healthy Home Cooking - UPDATE!
Surprise family and friends with delicious and healthy main dishes, salads and desserts made from seasonal, fresh and local ingredients which you learn to prepare in Lehman’s state-of-the-art kitchen lab. A sample of possible dishes taught in this hands-on course include: barbeque chicken with homemade barbeque sauce, homemade pasta with homemade turkey sauce, shrimp cocktail with homemade sauce, pork tenderloin with cranberry chutney, avocado-cucumber mixed salad, fl an and crème brulée among others. Helpful kitchen tips and tricks are integrated troughout the course. Be prepared for a taste sensation! Students are asked to come to class in appropriate attire for cooking. A $25.materials fee (cash only) to be paid at the first class meeting.
CUL 07/$125 (4 sessions) LEHC


Guitar for Adults at All Levels
Master the guitar now with the “See it—Say It—Play It” technique developed by guitar instructor Teddy Crawford. Whether you are a true beginner or someone who has played before, you will make progress from the first session. Fun songs are introduced in interactive jam sessions giving students of all levels the opportunity to participate and learn in a stress free setting. Different styles such as pop, R & B, folk, calypso, reggae, Latin American and jazz are introduced. A guitar is required for the first class; a nylon string acoustic guitar is recommended but not mandatory.
PFA 63/$125 (6 sessions) COTC

Lehman College Music Department courses
$100 per class. Courses meets 15 weeks per semester. 45 hours 4.5 CEU

Concert Band
MUS 10/$100 (15 sessions) LEHC
Prerequisite: For an audition, please contact Professor Alan Hollander at 718-960-8457.
Latin Jazz Band
MUS 11/$100 (15 sessions) LEHC
Prerequisite: For an audition, please contact Professor Armando Rodriguez at 718-960-8249.
Symphony Orchestra
MUS 14/$100 (15 sessions) LEHC
Prerequisite: For an audition, please contact Professor Kyunghun Kim at 718-960-8247.
Jazz Ensemble
MUS 12/$100 (15 sessions) LEHC
Prerequisite: For an audition, please contact Professor Allan Molnar at 718-960-2240.
MUS 13/$100 LEHC
Prerequisite: Some music reading ability and prior choral experience is recommended. For an audition, please contact Professor Diana Mittler-Battipaglia at 718-960-7795.

Business Skills

NEW MS Office 2013 On-Demand
Effective Business Communication
Notary Public Exam Preparation
Selling on Amazon

NEW Time Management for Productivity

Learn practical tips, tools and skills to improve time management through better planning; prioritizing; and identifying your habits and routines. Gain time management skills that shift your goals into action.

Math & Finance

NEW Everyday Math
Explore algebra and quantative math methods for personal, business or academic / test applications.
BCS 21/$185 (10 sessions) LEHC
NEW 7 Keys to a Successful Retirement
An independent Certified Financial Planner will show you how to invest your monies, conduct tax and estate planning before and during retirement, present different Social Security maximization strategies, how to determine if you should buy long-term care insurance and more.
PCW 47/$80

Intro to Financial Planning
Estate Planning


English Grammar Review
BCS 10/$185 (8 sessions) LEHC
College Writing
WRT 20/$225 (8 sessions) LEHC
Advanced College Writing: Research Papers
WRT 21/$400 (12 sessions) LEHC - HYBRID COURSE


Hatha Yoga for Beginners
PES 37/$95 (6 sessions) LEHC
Hatha Yoga II
PES 67/$95 (6 sessions) LEHC
Tennis for Beginners
Classes are outdoors. Rain date: generally meets following Sunday.
PES 10/$160 (4 sessions) LEHC


Swimming for Beginners
PES 50/$125 (8 sessions) LEHC
Advanced Beginner Swimming
PES 51/$125 (8 sessions) LEHC
Review and continue to develop beginner swimming skills including floating, front crawl and comfort in deep water.
Synchronized Swimming
PES 58/$200 (7 sessions) LEHC
Aqua Zumba
PES 68/$125 (8 sessions) LEHC
Splash your way into shape with an invigorating low-impact aquatic exercise. Known as the Zumba® “pool party,” the Aqua Zumba program gives new meaning to the idea of a refreshing workout.

* Students in APEX classes must purchase a CUNYcard ID. See more information on page 47. Also note that pool classes are sometimes held during pool swimming competitions.


Dance-Fit: Zumba!
PES 14/$75 LEHC (6 sessions)
This Latin-inspired dance-fitness Zumba program is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, calorie burning dance fitness-party™ that’s moving millions of people toward joy and health.
Dance-Fit: Zumba Family
YPA 147/$125 LEHC (1 Adult/1 Child ages 6-16)
Enjoy Zumba fitness for the whole family that promotes a healthy lifestyle though dance, music and exercise while making it fun.
An Introduction to Belly Dancing
PES 18/$79 (6 sessions) LEHC
A great way to exercise those abs and hips. This class is for new students with no background in this dance technique

Scoring for Film with Michael Bacon

An exciting course for serious music students who are interested in pursuing or exploring a career in this genre. This comprehensive college-level course is being offered by the School of Arts and Sciences to students in Continuing Education as a non-credit course. By the end of the course, the student should be able to score a 5-10 minute short fi lm using a sequencing platform (DP, Logic, Pro Tools) and use Finale or Sibelius as a tool for musical notation. Prerequisites: A basic proficiency with Digital Performer, Logic, or Pro Tools; profi ciency in importing pictures and audio; understand MIDI; ability to read and write music and have a basic understanding of music theory and basic orchestration. Meets with MMS 352
Prerequisite: Instructor approval is required.
PFA 80/$425 (14 sessions) LEHC

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