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ESL InstituteSince 1989, the ESL Institute has offered classes on the full-time and part-time basis to everyone interested in improving their English skills for personal and professional reasons. Some features of our programs include:

  • Student-oriented environment
  • Dynamic instructors
  • Affordable rates
  • Flexible schedule
  • Opportunity to enter a degree program

All new students are required to take a placement test in order to determine their level of proficiency. The non-refundable $20 testing fee can be applied to any Continuing Education course.

Testing Schedule

2014 Preview

Spring B 2014 Placement Test:

  • Wed, March 19, 10:30 am
  • Sat, March 29, 10:30 am

Program Dates: April 2-May 20

Summer 2014 Placement Test:

  • Tue, June 3, 5:30 pm
  • Sat, June 7, 10:30 am

Program Dates: June 11-July 29

Fall A 2014 Placement Test:

  • Sat, Aug 23, 10:30 am
  • Tue, Aug 26, 5:30 pm
  • Fri, Aug 29, 10:30 am

Program Dates: Sept 3-Oct 23

Fall B 2014 Placement Test:

  • Fri, Oct 17, 10:30 am
  • Sat, Oct 25, 10:30 am

Program Dates: Oct 29-Dec 17

Intensive English Program         $925

This intensive ESL program is designed for committed learners who are determined to improve all skills and advance fast. The program consists of two courses which can be taken separately or together. International students must take both courses in order to meet F-1 visa requirements.

Mon—Thu 9:30 am—2:00 pm
Location: Lehman campus

ESL14 (28 AM sessions) $475

ESL15 (28 PM sessions) $475

Tuition cost for both sessions: $925

ESL13 Integrated Skills
Additional class for extra challenge
(28 PM sessions) $465
Mon—Thu 3:00—5:00 pm

Spring B: April 2—May 20
Summer: June 11—July 29

Part-Time Program

This program is ideal for busy, working students who need balanced instruction in all skills. Each class provides practice in grammar integrated with reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The courses are offered in all levels of proficiency.

ESL11 (16 sessions) $265
Location: CUNY on the Concourse
Tue/Thu 7:00—9:00 pm

Spring: Feb 27—May 01
Summer: June 10—July 31

ESL13 Day-time ESL
(14 sessions) $465
Mon—Fri, 9:30 am—1:30 pm

Acacemic ESL Courses

These courses are designed for students who are planning to start college and need to work on academic English skills.

Grammar and Writing Workshop Levels 4-5

CLD29 (10 sessions) $ 195
Location: Lehman campus
Tue 7:15—9:15 pm

Spring: Feb 4—April 8
Summer: June 10— Aug 12

Reading/Writing CUNY Test Prep (Hybrid) Levels 5 and higher.

CLD38 (7 in-class sessions; unlimited time online) $300
Sat 9:30—11:30 am (in class)
Sun—Fri online

Spring: April 5—May 24 (skip April 19)
Summer: June 28—Aug 9

Oral Skills Courses

First Steps in Communication Levels 2 & 3
CLD60 (10 sessions) $250
Location: CUNY on the Concourse
Mon/Wed 7:00—9:00 pm

Summer: June 23—July 23

Pronunciation and Speaking Skills Levels 4 and 5
CLD51 (12 sessions) $205
Wed 7:00—9:00 pm
Location: CUNY on the Concourse

Feb 6—April 24
Summer: June 12—Aug 28

Customized ESL

English courses in different professional fields (e.g. business, health care, etc.) can be designed for groups of students per request from employers.

Private ESL Lessons

CLD100 (1.5 hr min) $100 per hour
Private ESL lessons can be arranged for those who prefer one -on-one instruction.

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