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Child Care: Early Childhood Development Professional

Lehman offers a program based upon the nationally recognized Child Development Associate (CDA) Competency Standards for Preschool Children. Successful completion of this program is a first step toward receiving a credential from the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition. Students enrolled in the program receive help in preparing for the assessment process leading to the CDA credential. *NOTE: In addition to the education requirement, which this certificate fulfills, students must meet a 480-hour field experience requirement to earn a CDA credential.

Requirements: Students must complete the eight required topics (125 hours) with a 70 percent average on exams and projects and attend at least 80 percent of classroom instruction for each course. Participants may start the program in any term. Classes meet twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Prerequisites: High school diploma or GED or permission of the program coordinator; writing proficiency.

Tuition: $1085 (125 hours). Tuition may be for full program or by semester. Financial aid may be available to program participants (see here). Those with 6 months or more recent experience in Early Childhood field may be eligible for NYS Educational Incentive Scholarship Program EIP grant or call 1-800-295-9616. NOTE: Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) college credits may be available through Lehman College Adult Degree program to those who complete this class; see here for more information.

Topics include:

  • Principles of Child Growth and Development
  • Supporting Children’s Social and Emotional Development
  • Planning a Safe, Healthy Learning Environment
  • Promoting Children’s Physical and Intellectual Development
  • Establishing Productive Relationships with Families
  • Observing and Recording Children’s Behavior
  • Managing an Effective Program Operation
  • Committment to Professionalism and Seminar on Child Abuse (NOTE: This seminar does not satisfy New York State requirement for Child Abuse Identification and Reporting.)

Child Care Program
$1085 (125 hours) COTC Includes all eight topics.
Child Care Program: Spring
$485 (56 hours) 19 sessions COTC Includes CCP40, 60, 70, and 80.
Child Care Program: Summer
$290 (33 hours) 11 sessions COTC Includes: CCP 10, 20.
Child Care Program: Fall
$600 (69 hours) COTC Includes: CCP10, 20, 30, and 50.

Recommended Courses:

  • Infant/Toddler Care
    CCP 11/$35 (1 session) COTC
  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting (online)
    CAP 10/$25
    Email if you do not receive your login information within 48 business hours after registration payment. Visit to login to workshop or if you forget your password. NO REFUNDS are applicable to this online workshop.
  • Needs of Students with Autism Workshop (online)
    SWA 10/$25
    Email if you do not receive your login information within 48 business hours after registration payment. Visit to login to workshop or if you forget your password. NO REFUNDS are applicable to this online workshop.
  • Assistant Teaching Review & Test Prep - ATAS
    ATP 10/$130 (3 sessions) LEHC
  • First Aid (AHA American Heart Association Cert.)
    MAS 17/$35 (1 session)
  • CPR: BLS (Basic Life Support) with AED (Required for CNA, EKG/PLB, PCT Tech)
    CPR 100/$100 (1 session) COTC

Family Child Care (TBA)

Go from babysitting to professional child care provider! With the increased percentage of both parents working, child care has become an essential service. Family child care providers care for children in mixed age groups in their own homes. It is a regulated licensed service and can be a great opportunity for a small business. Lehman offers a comprehensive program that provides the basic training and preparation for certification required to start a Family Child Care business. Lehman also provides, at no cost, professional services for those who are interested in starting or expanding their Family Child Care business.

An Introduction to Family Child Care
CCP 111/$95 (2 sessions) COTC
An overview and discussion of family child care and an explanation of the regulations and application process.

The Business of Family Child Care
CCP 112/$100 (3 sessions) COTC
A discussion of the business side of family child care. Students will go through the step-by-step Family Child Care Provider Application process.

Health and Safety Certification
CCP 113 /$160 (5 sessions) COTC
This course meets the New York State certification requirement necessary to operate a Family Child Care program. Prerequisites: Students are urged to complete and submit a Family Child Care Provider Application prior to class start. Call 718-960-8512 for more information.

Last modified: Apr 27, 2015

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