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Give to Lehman

Lehman College

Give to Theatre and Dance

The Theatre and Dance programs entertain the community while they prepare students for successful careers. Your donations will help us continue providing this vital mission to the Bronx.


The Dance Program at Lehman is growing. In the last four years, the program has doubled in size and we now have two new majors, a Dance/Theatre B.F.A. and a Dance B.A. We offer two concerts a year as well as a free outdoor concert in the summer. We are dedicated to connecting our students to the heart of professional dance in New York City by enabling them to see performances off campus and by bringing professional dance artists to Lehman. By providing inspiration and practical connections to the “real world” of dance, these opportunities are vital to our students’ growth. A donation will help bring working artists to Lehman, subsidize ticket prices for performance field trips and pay for a live accompanist for dance classes.

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The Theatre Program at Lehman College transforms students into versatile, self-directed artists of the 21st century. We produce a full season of high quality theatre performances, including contemporary and classical plays and musical theatre, to provide an arts laboratory for our students and an affordable arts experience for the campus and community. A donation to the Theatre Program enables our students to connect with professional guest artists from New York theatre; to compete as actors, playwrights, and designers in the American College Theatre Festival; and to perform in affordable matinees for children in area schools. Support the arts—transform the world at Lehman College!

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