Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences



Peggy S. Conner, Ph.D.

Areas of interest : Fluency, Aphasia, Dyslexia, Language-Learning Disorder, Multilingualism


Goral, M., Rosas, J., Conner, P.S., Maul, K.K. & Obler, L.K. (2012) Effects of language proficiency and language of the environment on aphasia therapy in a multilingual. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 25, 538-551.

Conner, P.S., Hyun, J., O’Connor-Well, B., Anema, I., Goral, M., Monéreau-Merry, M, Rubino, D., Kuckuk, R. & Obler, L.K (2011) Age-related differences in idiom production in adults. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 10, 899-912.

Hyun, J., Ijalba, E., Signorelli, T., Conner, P., & Obler, L.K. (2010) Frontal lobes. In P. Hogan (Ed.), Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language Science. University of Connecticut.

Obler, L.K., Hyun, J., Conner, P.S., O’Connor, B., & Anema, I. (2007) Brain organization of language in

bilinguals in A. Ardila & E. Ramos (eds.), Speech and Language Disorders in Bilinguals, Nova Science Publishers Inc., NewYork.___

Courses taught: Clinical Methods and Observation, Clinical Practicum, Fluency, Language and Linguistics

Last modified: Jul 30, 2014

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