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Department of Music, Multimedia, Theatre & Dance


From the Directors of Theatre, Dance, and Multimedia Programs:

Rick DesRochers and Amy Larimer

The Theatre & Dance Programs at Lehman College transform students into versatile, self-directed performing artists for the 21st Century. The B.A. in Theatre, B.A. in Dance, and B.F.A. in Multimedia Performing Arts challenge students to develop the knowledge and skills as well as the critical and creative perspectives necessary for a professional life in the performing arts.

The B.A. in Theatre program challenges students in a rigorous, liberal arts curriculum that combines study in acting, dance, stagecraft, playwriting, theatre history, and drama with practical experience in producing, technical theatre, and arts management. The program is intended for those who envision a career as an actor, director, playwright, theatre administrator, technical director or stage manager, or in related professions, such as law, business, and management.

The B.A. in Dance program challenges students to develop their own voice through the study of improvisation, choreography and dance history with practical experience in producing, technical theatre, and arts management. Our curriculum includes a wide range of dance techniques including: modern, ballet, hip hop, capoeira, house, tango, somatics, yoga and jazz. The program is designed for those who intend to pursue a career as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, dance administrator, or dance therapist.

The multidisciplinary B.F.A. in Multimedia Performing Arts allows for a concentration in either dance or theatre. The program develops multidisciplinary actors and dancers who train to perform for the stage, film, television, and new media. This intensive program is intended for those who envision a career as a performer in theatre, dance, film and related media.

The Music, Multimedia, Theatre and Dance
Department Presents

Fall 2020 Online Productions

Dance in Dialog 



Sight & Intuitive intelligence

Joy & Recognition 

Directed by Marjani Forté-Saunders and Everett Saunders

October 26th and 28th at 4:00 and Oct 29th at 7:00 Online

An interdisciplinary online performance which explores ritual and the practice of riding improvisation as a vehicle: Improvisation—as the word’s linguistic roots indicate—is usually understood as speech without foresight. “But improvisation, in whatever possible excess of representation that inheres in whatever probable deviance of form, always also operates as a kind of foreshadowing, if not prophetic, description.”- Fred Moten/In The Break


Kenopsia is a word, coined by John Koening, from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.  It describes the eeriness of places left behind. This theme serves as a starting point for multimedia storytelling via movement, text, costumes, lights, sets and video. Through a process of improvisation and collaboration, performers and designers create characters and content fueled by the loss and possibility of the present moment.

Devised and Directed by Amy Larimer

November 19th and 20th at 7:00