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Department of Latin American, Latino and Puerto Rican Studies

From the Program Director, Dr. Beatriz Lado



The interdisciplinary program in linguistics offers a major in Linguistics leading to a B.A. Linguistics is the scientific study of natural language and how language is acquired, understood, and used. The program in Linguistics will prepare students for graduate study in theoretical and applied linguistics and for careers in the teaching of linguistics and applied linguistics, including the teaching of English as a Second Language.

The minor in Linguistics may be of special interest to students in anthropology, computer science, English, foreign languages and literatures, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, speech communication, pre-law, and speech-language pathology. A minor in Linguistics may also be an excellent choice for students in educational programs.

The Tower of Babel (Pieter Brueghel the Elder, 1563)

Tower of BabelThe story of the building of the Tower of Babel was that all speakers in the whole earth had one language and few words. As the tower was being built, God decided that people should speak different languages (Genesis chapters 10 and 11). Over time, people could not understand one another and moved apart before the building was completed. The incomplete building was called the Tower of Babel. Babel means "confusion," given that people now spoke different languages and could not understand one another. On the other hand, the presence of different languages in the world is what makes the study of linguistics exciting.

Beatriz Lado, Director of Linguistics and Assistant Professor, Department of Languages and Literatures