Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics


  • Bertrade Ngo-Ngijol Banoum, Assistant Professor, African and African American Studies
  • Walter Blanco, Professor, English Department
  • Richard Blot, Associate Professor, Journalism, Communication, and Theatre
  • Rosalind Carey, Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Michael Cotto, Adjunct faculty, English Department
  • Cecelia Cutler, Assistant Professor, Graduate Program in TESOL Education, Department of Middle & High School Education
  • Evelyn Durán Urrea, lecturer, Languages and Literatures
  • Mira Goral, Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
  • Immaculee Harushimana, Assistant Professor, Department of Middle & High School Education
  • Thomas Ihde, Associate Professor, Languages and Literatures
  • Gisela Jia, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Beatriz Lado, Assistant Professor, Languages and Literatures, Program Director
  • Sandra Levey, Associate Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
  • John Locke, Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences
  • Oscar Martín, Assistant Professor, Languages and Literatures
  • Janis Massa, Associate Professor, English
  • Francisco Montaño, Lecturer and Language Coordinator, Languages and Literatures
  • Joye Smith Munson, Assistant Professor, Middle and High School Education
  • Zelda Newman, Assistant Professor, Languages and Literatures

Last modified: May 13, 2014

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