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Faculty: Susan Watson-Turner

watsonturnerSusan Watson Turner began her theatre career at the Karamu Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. Ben Brantley, New York Times reviewer, referred to her directorial skill 'as elegant choreography' in the play North 17th Street, by Clay Goss. Turner served for several years at the Negro Ensemble Company as general manager and then producing director.

Turner has produced a feature length movie entitled Blinded by Love and is the director of several short films and documentaries, including The Mattress Hustle and The Journey of Seven Guitars. Turner is currently an assistant professor in the Theatre Department at Lehman College/CUNY.


Selected Publications

  • Watson-Turner, S. (Director). (2012, February 29-March 4). Flyin’ West. Bronx, NY: Lehman College Studio Theater.

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