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Faculty: Claudia W. Case

Faculty CaseClaudia W. Case has taught theatre history and dramatic literature at Lehman College and in the Theatre Ph.D. Program at the CUNY Graduate Center. She holds a DFA in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism from Yale University and is completing a book on the Theatre Guild. Her scholarly articles have appeared in Theater magazine, Theatre Journal, the Tennessee Williams Annual Review, Theatre Symposium, Performing Arts Resources, and TheatreForum, and she has presented papers at national and international conferences, including ATHE, ASTR, and IFTR. She is also a professional dramaturg, a published translator, and the curator of “Theatre in America,” an interactive virtual timeline created for Theatre Communications Group chronicling the development of the not-for-profit professional theatre field in the United States. Dr. Case has received numerous grants for her research from the City University of New York.

Selected Publications:

“Theatre in America: A Timeline.” Theatre Communications Group. 2012.

“Battle in Boston: Tennessee Williams’ First Professional Production.” Tenn at One Hundred: The Reputation of Tennessee Williams. Edited by David Kaplan. East Brunswick, NJ: Hansen Publishing Group, 2011: 53-74.

Review of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, book by Alex Timbers, music and lyrics by Michael Friedman, directed by Alex Timbers, Public Theater, New York. Theatre Journal 62: (2010): 459-460.

“What They Really Saw: Using Archives to Reconstruct the Censored Performance of Eugene O’Neill’s Strange Interlude.” Performing Arts Resources 26 (2008): 99-116.

“The Political Is Personal: Theresia Walser’s New Stage Language.” Theater 36:3 (2006): 28-41.

“Inventing the Heartland: The Theatre Guild, Oklahoma! and World War II.” Theatre Symposium 14 (2006): 35-47.

“The Frog Queen: A German (Anti) Fairy Tale.” TheatreForum 18 (2001): 57-58.


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