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Welcome to the 2014-2015 Academic Year, an exciting one for us all. Curriculum updates: I am very pleased to report that The New York State Education Department has approved the reconfiguration of the former Multimedia Journalism and Multimedia Studies majors, effective immediately.

MMJ has now been reconfigured to JRN – Journalism

MMS has now been reconfigured to FTS – Film and TV Studies and Media Communications Studies

The Media Communications Studies major will consist of mainly former MMS Studies courses that were not included in the Film and TV Studies major. At this point, both MMJ and MMS no longer exist as they were. Public Relations/Oral Communication and Media Industries will now be combined in MCS, which will complete the reconfiguration of the majors and their disciplines.

Those students who have recently declared their majors in MMJ Journalism: Print or Multilingual must change their major to JRN (Journalism). Also, those who declared their major in MMJ: Broadcast, as well as those who declared their major in MMS Television or Film, must change their major to FTS (Film and TV Studies).

We will, of course, follow the "grand-parenting" formula to allow students who had previously declared their majors to complete their degree requirements in either MMJ or MMS. Students with questions will meet with the Chair and decisions will be made as appropriate on an individual basis.

Information about the changes are described in this website.

As we move forward to the full implementation of our exciting restructured curriculum, we will keep everyone informed of our progress.

Patricio Lerzundi
Chair JCT

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