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Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies

2014 Annual Meeting

Lehman College, City University of New York

April 5-6, 2014

Preliminary Program

Saturday April 5

8:00 ? 9:15 Registration and Coffee (Faculty Dining Room)

9:15 ? 10:45 Session One

Panel 1: Creating a Sensation: Dead Bodies, Domestic Violence, and the Woman Question in Victorian Literature (Speech 201)

  1. “Pictorial Corpses and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Aesthetic of Crime Writing,” Erica McCrystal (St. John’s University)
  2. “Where the ‘Domestic Yet Wild’ Things Are,” Nathalie Virgintino (St. John’s University)
  3. “The New Woman in Victorian Literature,” Vittoria Rubino (Iona College)

Chair/Comment: George Robb (William Patterson University)

Panel 2: White Man in the Post-Imperial Palais: Recontextualizing Race, Hierarchy and Gender (Speech 203)

  1. “A Post-Imperial Man: Philip Mason and the Institute of Race Relations,” Brett Bebber (Old Dominion University)
  2. “Who Received What Honours in the Twentieth-Century British Empire?,” Tobias Harper (Columbia University)

Chair/Comment: Guy Ortolano (New York University)

Panel 3: Masters, Servants, and Merchants: Employment and the Law in the Long Eighteenth Century (Speech 204)

  1. “Working Women and Employment Law in Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Kent,” Madeleine Chartrand (York University)
  2. “Tensions among Ideal Femininity, Criminal Reality, and Merchant Profits in London, 1690-1710,” Lesley Skousen (Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science)
  3. “Seditious Libel, Servants and the Law in Early Eighteenth-Century London: The Case of Elizabeth Nutt,” Tamara L. Hunt (University of Southern Indiana)
  4. “‘Unnatural Parents’ and ‘Inhuman Masters’”: Cruelty to Children and Apprentices in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries, Ronnie Morris (York University)

Chair/Comment: Denis Paz (Emeritus, University of North Texas)

10:45-11:00 Break (Faculty Dining Room)

Session 2: 11:00-12:00

Panel 4: War Debts: Obligation and Alliance in Early Modern Military Culture (Speech 201)

  1. “‘A Little Reverse of Fortune’: Alliances and Entanglements in the Creek-Choctaw War, 1766-1776,” Jason Herbert (Wichita State)
  2. “Our Musters, Our Selves: Stages of Obligation in England, 1560-1660,” Vimala Pasupathi (Hofstra University)

Chair: Cole Jones (Johns Hopkins University)
Comment: William Tatum (Dutchess County Historian)

Panel 5: Making Men of Boys and Boers in Victorian Britain (Speech 203)

  1. “Defiant to Devoted: The Transition in Boyhood Identity through the Writings on Victorian Children’s Hospitals,” Sophie Muller (CUNY Graduate Center)
  2. “Colonial Conflict and Masculine Crisis in Nineteenth-Century British South Africa,” Nicole Mares (King’s College)

Chair/Comment: Ginger Frost (Samford University)

12:00 - 1:30 Lunch

Plenary Speaker: Susan Pedersen (Columbia University)

“Colonial Appeasement: or, Bringing European and Imperial History Back Together"

Chair: Laura Beers (American University)

Session 3: 1:45-3:15

Panel 6: The Body and the Truth in Seventeenth Century England (Speech 201)

  1. “Bloodlines and Cutthroats: The Several Deaths of the Arthur Capells, 1649 and 1683,” Mark Duggan (Rutgers University)
  2. “Ambiguous Bodies: Demon possession, medical knowledge, and religious politics in early modern England,” Jennifer Ingles Wilson (Rutgers University)
  3. "’Behold The Heart of a Traitor?’ Thomas Gage as an Interpreter of Catholic Action,” Christopher Gillett (Brown University

Chair/Comment: David Hershinow (Princeton University)

Panel 7: Scottish Cultural Production and Scottish Identity in the Modern Period (Speech 204)

  1. “Memory, Nationalism, and the Popularization of Fairies in Victorian Scotland,” Alison Hight (Virginia Tech)
  2. "The Diabolic God: Robert Louis Stevenson’s 'The Merry Men' and Scottish Religious Tradition,” Maureen Martin (William Paterson University)
  3. “The Language of Masculinity and Violence In Irvine Welsh’s Skagboys,” Heather Thompson (William Paterson University)

Chair/Comment: Fiona Wilson (Sarah Lawrence College)

3:15-3:30 Break (Faculty Dining Room)

3:30-5:00 Roundtable on Britain and Europe (Faculty Dining Room)

  1. Eleanor Hubbard (Princeton University)
  2. Maura O’Connor (University of Cincinnati)
  3. Steve Pincus (Yale University)
  4. Ellen Ross (Ramapo College)

Chair: Amy Froide (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

5:00pm Reception (Music 330)


Coffee 8:30-9:30 (Faculty Dining Room)

Session 4: 9:30-11:00

Panel 8: Seeking Spiritual Truths in Anglo-America, c. 1400-1800 (Speech 204)

  1. “Images of Illness in the Late-Medieval English Choir,” Betsy Chunko (USMA)
  2. “The Shift to Quietism: Male and Female Quaker Perspectives in Political Context,” Caitlin McGeever (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
  3. “Party Politics and Transatlantic Changes in Anglican Preaching Styles: England and Pennsylvania, 1700-1775,” R. B. Levis (Rollins College)

Chair/Comment: Randolph Trumbach (Baruch College, CUNY)

Panel 9: A Land Less Kind than Home?: The Idealization and Reality of British Emigration, c. 1600-1900 (Speech 205)

  1. “Strangers in a Strange Land: Experiences of English Migrants in Sixteenth-Century Spain,” Darcy Kern (McDaniel College)
  2. “A New Utopia, or the Same Hell? Irish Colonization of Western Canada, 1880-1884,” Timothy Forest (University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash)
  3. “Native Christmases: Nonelite British Understandings of Indian Culture in the Raj,” Alexandra Lindgren-Gibson (Northwestern University)
  4. “‘Undesirable’ ... ‘Supplying Liquor to Natives’: Deporting South Africa's British and Irish Lumpen Proletariat, 1924-1933,” Jonathan Hyslop (Colgate University and the University of Pretoria)

Chair/Comment: Susan Pennybacker (UNC - Chapel Hill)

Panel 10: From “Subjects” to “Allies” to “Creditors”? Britain’s Relation to her Imperial Subjects Before and After Independence (Speech 201)

  1. “‘The Sword of Justice’ or ‘Justice for Ireland’?: ‘Justice’ and The Contestation over Irish Policy, 1828-1840,” Jay Roszman (Carnegie Mellon)
  2. “A Forgotten Exchange: The Raj's Indian Delegation at Bretton Woods,” Michael Franczak (Boston College)
  3. “Allies and antagonists: Anglo-American relations in Latin America during the Great War,” Phillip Dehne (St. Joseph’s College)

Chair/Comment: H. Lyman Stebbins (La Salle University)

11:00-11:15 Break (Faculty Dining Room)

Session 5: 11:15-12:45

Panel 11: Dealing with Dissidents in Britain and its Empire (Speech 205)

  1. “Offences ‘of the Utmost Gravity’: Radical Politics and the Legal Profession in the Early Twentieth Century,” Ren Pepitone (Johns Hopkins University)
  2. “Sinn Feinism, Roman Catholicism, Russian Bolshevism, [and] Vegetarianism’: the Irish, Left-Wing Politics, and the National Public in Interwar England,” Mo Moulton (Harvard University)
  3. “Managing dissent: constitutional reforms and political violence in 1930s India,” Durba Ghosh (Cornell University)

Chair/Comment: Elizabeth Kolsky (Villanova University)

Panel 12: Constructing Britishness: Claims to Nationality in Print, Architecture, and Music (Speech 201)

  1. “‘To Shed A Generous Tear’: The Reception of Hume’s History,” Paul Davis (Princeton University)
  2. “Crossroads of empire: mercantile building and the search for Britishness,” Stephen Hague (Rowan University)
  3. “Music: The Keynote in George Egerton’s Short Stories,” Anna Peak (Temple University)

Chair/Comment: Zara Anishanslin (College of Staten Island, CUNY)

Panel 13: Bodies Politic in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Britain (Speech 204)

  1. “The Highwayman and the King: Constructing Popular Royalism in Cheap Print during the Interregnum,” Jane Smith (UNC Chapel Hill)
  2. “Friendship, Interest, and Influence: Patron-Voter Relationships in the Eighteenth Century,” Christopher Dudley (East Stroudsburg University)
  3. “Diseased Governing Bodies: Gout’s Metaphorical Significance within the Golden Age of Graphic Satire,” Calinda C. Shely (University of New Mexico)

Chair/Comment: Philip Stern (Duke University)


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