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FALL 2010

WED. 9/1, 10AM-12PM: Teaching and Learning in a Multicultural Classroom/Janis Massa

  • Prof. Massa currently teaches the graduate teaching practicum in English. She brings a wealth of practical and usable knowledge to the table.
  • For more information on Prof. Massa’s scholarship visit http://www.jamesnicholaspublishers.com.au/teach_learn.htm

THURS. 9/30, 4PM-6PM: Devil's Advocate: Using Debate and Video Review to Hone One's Argument/Sandra Wozniak

  • This exercise uses the peer-review process of analysis and argument deconstruction. On top of which, debates are video recorded so students can assess their responses to challenging queries.
  • We will walk through the components of this exercise and discuss effectives and possible variations.

MON. 10/18, 3:30-5:30PM: Making the Transition from ‘Doing’ to ‘Teaching’/Terrence Cheng, others

  • This workshop is mainly for writers and other "practitioners of craft" making the transition to teaching. To use a sports analogy, the best players are not always the best coaches. Our goal is to help our great "players" become great "coaches" as well. Topics will include how to develop academic/pedagogical classroom approaches while maintaining professional/real-world standards.

WED. 11/17 3:30-5:30: Fair Grading, Plagiarism, and other Practical Classroom Challenges/Terrence Cheng, others

  • We will discuss and share ideas, lessons, and strategies that help in these common problem areas. Submit topics, questions, and anecdotes to professorcheng@gmail.com until November 4 and we will do our best to address your concerns and include your input.


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