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Dr. Chris Rosa Lecture 2014

First Annual Disability Studies Program Lecture

by Dr. Chris Rosa, April 9th, 2014

Disability RITES: American Disability Culture and its Impact on U.S. Higher Education

The last three decades have witnessed the evolution of a modern U.S. disability rights movement and the development of a related, burgeoning, distinctive American disability culture. This disability culture has shaped all aspects of American life, including the experience of higher education. Dr. Rosa's presentation examined the ways in which disability culture has transformed our notions of college diversity, of who ought to attend college, and, indeed, the very meaning of college itself.

Image of Dr. Rosa SpeakingImage of Dr. Rosa SpeakingImage of Dr. Rosa with the Lecture OrganizersImage of Dr. Rosa with StudentsImage of Dr. Rosa with Students and Prof. WilderImage of Dr. Rosa with Director ParraImage of Dr. Rosa with Members of Audience

Dr. Rosa is CUNY’s Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. He previously held several posts in the administration at Queens College. Dr. Rosa is a noted disability studies scholar and teaches in CUNY’s Masters Program in Disability Studies.

Event co-sponsors: The Sociology Department, The Office of Student Disability Services, The Office of the Provost, Dean of Arts & Humanities, Undergraduate Studies and Online Education

Coordinator: Julie E. Maybee (Carmen Hall, Room 371), julie.maybee@lehman.cuny.edu.

Steering Committee:

Professors Robin Kunstler (Recreation Program and Health Sciences) and Esther I. Wilder (Sociology), Associate Professor Julie Maybee (Philosophy), and Assistant Professor Jessica Bacon (Counseling, Leadership, Literacy and Special Education).

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